Croke Park: the 1st self-cleaning and pollution-removing stadium by Guard Industrie

With its ability to welcome 82300 visitors and its approximate surface of 13000 m², Croke Park is the 3rd largest sports Stadium in Europe. This source of pride now benefits from a well-deserved restoration that began early September.
This large renovation plan could take up to three years to complete and will be divided into different phases. Products to clean and protect the stadium will be provided by the French manufacturer Guard Industrie and be applied by his Irish partner Guard Irish National Distributors Ltd.
At the end of the project, Croke Park will become the 1st stadium in the world to be self-cleaning and pollution removing!

Lifting of the stadium with Guard Wash

The first step of the project is to clean and give a new lease of life to the stadium. Highly soiled concrete facades are cleaned with Guard Wash, a fast-acting and high performance cleaning product.
Guard Wash is applied in two layers and completely removes all kind of soiling invading the building materials.

Surfaces protected and purified thanks to ProtectGuard Dtox

After the renovation, the second step is to protect the stadium to keep it looking new for a long time.
Guard Industrie’s ProtectGuard Dtox was chosen to protect Croke Park concrete facades. ProtectGuard Dtox is an innovative clear product, which combines water-repellent, oil-repellent, anti-graffiti and pollution removing properties.

With ProtectGuard Dtox, treated surfaces become self-cleaning and do not get dirty any longer !

Thanks to its water-repellent, oil-repellent and anti-graffiti properties, ProtectGuard Dtox is a complete protective shield for buildings. once applied, ProtectGuard Dtox prevents water, soiling and graffiti from penetrating deeply into the surfaces. Dirt is washed away by rain: treated materials become self-cleaning.

ProtectGuard Dtox ensures cleaner and healthier air !

ProtectGuard Dtox also purifies air. It uses photocatalytic action to remove pollutants present in outdoor air. Under the action of UV light, ProtectGuard Dtox breaks down pollutants and organic contamination (VOC, pollution, exhaust fumes, etc.).
Tests carried out in laboratory prove that a 1m² surface treated with ProtectGuard Dtox cleans an average of 5.4 m3 per day (on a basis of 12h of sunlight). Applied on the 13000 m² of the Croke Park stadium, ProtectGuard Dtox will purify up to 70 000 m3 of air per day !

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