Guard Industrie, official sponsor of Ultra-Trail

After Gaelic football, Guard Industrie now becomes involved in sponsoring Gil Catherine, a French rider of Ultra Trail.

What is Ultra Trail?

Ultra-Trail is a running that often takes place in mountainous terrain, where there can be much larger ascents and descents. During these very long-lasting races (at least 100 kms), runners are “self-sufficient” (they have to carry their own supplies of water and food).

Ultra-Trail and Guard Industrie, common values

Ultra Trail conveys the same values as Guard Industrie: professionnalism, ambition to be the best, constant striving, performance and environmental friendliness. For all these reasons, Guard Industrie is very proud to be associated with this sport.

First race: Ultra Trail Mont Blanc

On September 1st, Gil Catherine will take part in the race Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, an extraordinary moutain race of 170 kms with a difference in elevation of more than 10 000 m. Guard Industrie will follow him from training till the arrival of the race.