Guard Industrie commits to the planet along with 89 French companies

The French Business Climate Pledge is a result of the COP21 in Paris in 2015. On Monday December 11th 2017, the 89 signatories, small businesses and big corporations among which Guard Industrie, took a pledge to act for the respect of environment.

Guard Industrie signs French Business Climate Pledge
Family picture. French Business Climate Pledge at Medef headquarters. Paris, FRANCE-11/12/2017.

On the event of the One Planet Summit launched by the French President on December 12th, 2017, 89 French companies from different backgrounds announced that they will reinforce their environmental commitment for the next 3 years by signing the French Business Climate Pledge. Thus, the main French economy driving forces pledge themselves to a 320 billion euros investment in financing, innovation and research & development over 4 years (2016-2020) to get to a low-carbon society. This agreement shows the French private sector’s will to make a tangible commitment for climate and their desire to meet the ecological challenge.

Guard Industrie is one of the 89 companies, big and small corporations alike, to sign this agreement. Environmental compliance is a commitment undertook by Guard Industrie ever since its creation. With 12 patents and a 15% of our revenues going to R&D, we care about always going further in our eco-conception and environmental compliance policy. Our products must comply to a strict environmental bill of specifications. Today, most of our products are biodegradable at more than 90% (according to OECD norms) and contain no or few solvents. Furthermore, Guard Industrie wishes for sustainable development to become a strong value and a real company policy. To that effect, we are committing to a green R&D logic to assure product innocuousness and to work on employees, applicators and industrialist’s safety.

The French Business Climate Pledge is the opportunity for Guard Industrie to renew its commitment for environmental compliance. Our ambition is to offer quality products and a controlled environmental impact. We are currently working on R&D projects on environmental technologies. We are developing a product to improve air quality and a textile treatment product without solvent. The 89 signatories of the French Business Climate Pledge’s engagement must involve practical solutions and Guard Industrie is proud to contribute to this national effort.

Guard Industrie signs French Business Climate Pledge