Unique concrete waxing system combining aesthetics, ease of maintenance and ease of application.
Decorative Concrete Guard® is a 3-step system designed for the aesthetics and protection of internal concrete floors or after application of a skim mortar.

Step 1: colour
Decorative Concrete Guard® Color is a semi-transparent decorative product the provides an aesthetic dimension to floors without modifying their mineral properties It allows you to “play” with original colours, patina effects, shades, moiré, etc. or more homogeneous rendering.

Step 2: primer
Decorative Concrete Guard® Primer enables the protection to adhere to it.

Step 3: protection
Decorative Concrete Guard® Protect HD protects floors against water, grease marks and everyday stains. Decorative Concrete Guard® Protect HD “lifts” the depth of the floor by restoring the colour. Decorative Concrete Guard® Protect HD offers excellent resistance to abrasion and can be exposed to intense pedestrian use.

Step 3: finish
Decorative Concrete Guard® Finish is a finishing wax which protects the floor from traffic and micro-scratches. It restores the new appearance of waxed concrete and preserves its clean condition. Diluted in water, Béton Ciré Guard® Finish is then used for regular maintenance.