All-in-one treatment: destroys green deposits, algae, fungi and protects materials.
Guard Cleaner® Algae & Protect is a preventative and curative treatment without rinsing with a long-lasting effect.

  • Curative: Guard Cleaner® Algae & Protect destroys all parasitic vegetation which is then removed by rain or simple cleaning.
  • Preventative: The water-repellent property protects materials and inhibits the reappearance of micro-organisms.

Ultra concentrated formula, Guard Cleaner® Algae & Protect can be diluted up to 1 volume of product for 19 volumes of water.
1 litre of concentrate  can treat up to 100m².

Guard Cleaner® Algae & Protect does not contain chloride or organic solvents. It is completely harmless to treated surfaces and does not alter the colour.