Totale protection with 4 in 1 action for all porous building materials.
ImperGuard® Ultra 4 in 1 is highly powerful water-repellent resistant to water, fungi, grease, stains and with mineralisation effect reinforcing the stone against ingress.

  • Action 1: Water-repellent, protects porous materials from rainwater penetration and also suppresses the harmful effects of ingress, acid rain, erosion, freeze/thaw cycle.
  • Action 2: Anti-green deposits, it limits the formation of mosses, lichens and fungi.
  • Action 3: Anti-stain, sustainably inhibit the penetration of all types of soiling, even greases. Easy to maintain the substrate.
  • Action 4: Remineralisation effect, reinforcing the masonry against ingress.

ImperGuard® Ultra 4 in 1 is a non-film forming impregnation product, the material remains permeable to air and water vapour. Completely clear after application, it does not change the nature of the treated material (no risk of bleaching). It is also fully resistant to UV rays and does not yellow over time.