Decontamination of the air and full protection of porous materials in the building.
ProtectGuard® Dtox is a completely innovative product which combines water and oil-repellent and graffiti protection properties with anti-contamination properties.

ProtectGuard® Dtox provides long-lasting protection against water, ingress, atmospheric pollution, grease marks and stains. Treated facades become self-cleaning and foul up less.

ProtectGuard® Dtox is also a decontaminant. It mainly uses photocatalysis to eliminate pollutants in the external air. Under the action of UV rays, ProtectGuard® Dtox breaks down pollutants (COV, bacteria, exhaust gas, etc.). The air is purified in this way.

ProtectGuard® Dtox is a non-film forming impregnation product, the material remains permeable to air and water vapour. Completely colourless after application, it does not change the appearance or the nature of the treated material. It is also fully resistant to UV rays and does not yellow over time.