Permanent graffiti and multi-surface protection. Graffiti can be removed with water.
Super AntiGraffiti Guard® is an innovative graffiti protection product. This single-component, ready-to-use product provides long-term protection for a wide variety of materials against graffiti or tags of all kinds (paints, inks, felt-tips, markers. etc.) as well as posters, adhesives and soiling.

Super AntiGraffiti Guard® provides permanent protection for the surfaces treated. It can resist several dozen cleans and therefore does not need to be reapplied after graffiti is removed. Graffiti is cleaned using nothing but fresh water, preferably with a high-pressure cleaner (100 bar) with no chemical cleaning products. For recent graffiti, just using a cloth soaked in water may suffice.

Note: according to the desired finish and the material, several primers are available. Please consult technical data sheet for further information.