Cleaning and stripping products

Our cleaners insure a perfect cleaning and scraping of surfaces and give dirty supports their original cleanliness back.
They are suitable for all materials, even fragile ones.

Guard Wash®

Rapid-action self-cleaner: removes all organic soiling on all materials

Guard Remover® Eco Efflorescence & Cement

Laitance and grout film cleaner, biodegradable and does not require neutralisation

Guard Wash® Express

Concentrated instant-action self-cleaner: eliminates organic contaminates on all materials

Guard Cleaner® Eco Soiled Floors

Cleans grease stains and marks, biodegradable and without neutralisation

Guard® Anti M 24

Curative and preventative treatment against green deposits, lichens and fungi

Guard Cleaner® Polluted Facades

Cleaner for facades soiled by contamination

Guard Remover® Eco VG Painted Surfaces

Biodegradable and rinse-free paint stripper

GraffiGuard® 2010

Special graffiti cleaner

WoodGuard® Revitalizer

Cleaning and brightening for wood

Guard Remover® Eco Floor Wax

Wax and biodegradable adhesive residue stripper

Net’Guard® Eco Degreaser

Hyperactive universal degreasing cleaner

Net’Guard® Eco Descaler

Descaler and deliming product

Super Gom’Guard®

Powerful and easy to use sponge


Universal cleaner/stain remover for textiles