26 custom-made shades for Jean Nouvel’s “Marseillaise” tower

09 October 2018

The Marseillaise is a 135-metre high tower created by Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Marseille. Light and transparent, Jean Nouvel designed it to blend in with the landscape and lend new style to the city. Adorned with a façade of UHPFC, the tower plays on the colours of the French flag. Colours symbolize the red roofs of Marseille, the blue of the Mediterranean and the white limestone hills.

For this huge project, Jean Nouvel wanted to embellish and protect the 3,000 UHPFC panels. He therefore asked Guard Industrie to develop 26 custom colours of the concrete stain ProtectGuard Color Two Component. These colours offer a different reflection depending on the brightness and time of day. Thanks to this finish, the Marseillaise is now protected against penetration of water, staining and graffiti.