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Water and oil-repellent, soiling and graffiti protection

ProtectGuard® WF Premium

Water and oil-repellent, stain protection
with intense wet effect

ProtectGuard® HD

Water and oil-repellent, soiling and graffiti protection


High-performance water-repellent waterproofing agent

ProtectGuard® Color

Water/Oil repellent coloured stain for concrete

ProtectGuard® Color Two-Component

Water/Oil repellent and graffiti protection coloured stain for concrete.

Decorative Concrete Guard®

3-step concrete waxing system: colour + protection + finish

Guard Slip Resistant®

Anti-slip treatment for slippery mineral surfaces

Guard Hardener® W

High-performance surface hardener and water-repellent

Guard Hardener® WO

Deep-down hardener/consolidant with water/oil repellent protection

Guard Hardener® RD

Stops rising damp and dries out walls

Guard Wash®

Rapid-action self-cleaner:
removes all organic soiling on all materials

Guard Remover® Eco Efflorescence & Cement

Laitance and grout film cleaner, biodegradable and does not require neutralisation

Net’Guard® Ultra 4 in 1

Concentrated super cleaner for grease stains and marks

Guard Cleaner® Eco Soiled Floors

Cleans grease stains and marks, biodegradable and without neutralisation

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